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About Us

We’re a global leader in data-driven people intelligence.

01 This is our story

Who we are

We work at scale with businesses and nonprofits across the world from a variety of industries. Whether you’re interested in donors or board members, the wealthiest individuals, or the most impactful business leaders, we help you connect with confidence.

About Us
We are working together to make Altrata an incredible place to work for all of our staff. Our culture reflects our brand values and is inclusive, diverse, and flexible.
About Us
What we do

Our platforms give our clients all the information they need on everyone they need to know. Our data is actionable, accurate, and comprehensive. And our global team is committed to maintaining millions of profiles and changing data points, so you can effectively engage your audience and make meaningful, lasting connections.

02 Our Culture

Our people are core to our success. That’s why we put them first in everything we do. We practice transparency. We encourage collaboration. We prioritize inclusion.

And as our business grows, we want our people to grow, too. That’s why we offer constant opportunities to learn and improve, to achieve and advance.
Interested in joining our growing global organization? At Altrata, we can promise you two things: You will be in good company and you will make an impact.