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Altrata Reveals Evolving Residential Footprint of the Ultra Wealthy
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New Altrata Report Reveals Top CIO Priorities

Published by: PR Web
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Altrata, the leading provider of executive intelligence, has released 2023 Spotlight: CIOs in the US, a new report uncovering unique insights into the challenges and strategic priorities of Fortune 500 Chief Information Officers (CIOs). 

The role of the CIO is evolving rapidly as companies strive to become more competitive while contending with strong economic headwinds. Increasingly, CIOs must become strategic partners who understand their entire organization and the role of technology within it.

Altrata’s 2023 Spotlight on CIOs is the US uses profile data from Boardroom Insiders.  The report examines the strategic priorities, interests, and other aspects of US CIOs.

Among numerous findings, the 2023 Spotlight: CIOs in the US reveals:

  • Travel and golf are the most popular hobbies among CIOs, with mentoring and reading also prominent interests.
  • Most leading CIOs have professional backgrounds in technology or consulting; GE and IBM are the most common former employers of today’s CIOs.
  • Innovation and the customer experience were the most common strategic priorities for CIOs as 2023 began.

CIOs are contributing to innovative business models that make the most of new technologies to drive growth. Competition and growth initiatives must continue despite economic challenges and CIOs increasingly play a central role in them. IT, security, and tech talent are necessary components of strategic roadmaps in these areas, where CIOs must innovate in direct coordination with their C-level counterparts.

Boardroom Insides, which powered this study, is a unique solution that provides incredible insight into the executive decision makers.  There are more than 40,000 profiles built and maintained by our team of researchers that are trained to uncover insight from sources that matter most to our clients.  Profiles include details from annual reports, interviews, articles, videos, social media, and public speaking engagements. 

Interests and priorities are summarized for ease of use and built using quotes, so you know what drives an executive – or keeps them up at night, in their own words.