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Altrata Introduces Key WealthEngine Product Enhancements

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Today Altrata, the leading provider of data and intelligence on the wealthy and influential, announced the first wave of several product updates for WealthEngine.  Following more than a year of customer interviews, user testing, and data investments, WealthEngine customers now have access to enhanced real estate data within the platform and an enhanced matching engine. 

Keya Hammond was brought on in early 2022 to lead product innovation for Altrata.  She quickly formalized the existing customer feedback workstreams to create the Voice of the Customer discipline.  “It creates a systematic approach to how we work with our customers to understand how our solutions can accelerate their success” Hammond says.  “Voice of the Customer is at the heart of everything we do at Altrata.  It’s how we pick the products and the futures we build.”

Customer interviews reaffirmed the importance of real estate data to understand their wealthy clients and prospects.  With that feedback, WealthEngine invested in a new data collaborator, industry-leader CoreLogic, whose data covers more than 99.99% of all properties in the US. 

What to expect with CoreLogic data:

  • Enriched Real Estate Coverage: CoreLogic’s data will enhance WealthEngine’s real estate coverage, providing customers with a more comprehensive view of property information.
  • Timely Changes: CoreLogic fuels frequent updates and changes for more accurate and up-to-date analysis.
  • Improved Wealth Scores: Wealth Scores analyze different forms of modeled assets like wealth, property value, physical assets and more.  With the detailed real estate data from CoreLogic around property value and mortgage details, the analysis has more quality data and the output is a better, more accurate Wealth Score. 

In addition to new data sets, Altrata invested in WealthEngine’s user experience and Entity Matching Engine.  This is a core function of the product, used to synch customers data with other data points within the platform, returning more thorough and actionable matches against user-supplied datasets. These enhancements make it easier than ever for WealthEngine users to make informed, data-driven decisions to benefit organizations of any size.

These WealthEngine product enhancements are designed to save customers time, help them find more value in their data and elevate the influence they can have in the market. Whether it’s identifying new cities for expansion or finding more value in your donor base, Altrata’s WealthEngine can deliver intelligence with impact.

Manuel Bianchi, head of global sales for Altrata’s wealth business said “Altrata came in at the right time to support the investment in WealthEngine product innovation.  These initiatives will give customers more functionality updates and additional data sets so they can better leverage wealth intelligence to exceed their goals and elevate their business.”

About Altrata

Altrata is a global leader in people intelligence. It includes more than 100 million profiles on wealthy individuals around the world and more than 12 million profiles on senior decision makers, board members and C-suite leaders. Altrata provides intelligence on the people who are most impactful to their clients’ success. Altrata’s advanced integration solutions allow deeper insights and access to billions of connections helping clients close more deals, manage risk, and identify key talent quickly. Actionable, accurate, and comprehensive data powered by a global team of more than 400 researchers and data specialists, maintaining millions of profiles, enables clients to effectively engage and make meaningful, lasting connections. 

Altrata is a registered trademark of Delinian Limited and its affiliated companies, and is comprised of five dynamic offerings: BoardExBoardroom InsidersRelSciWealthEngine, and Wealth-X.