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How to Supercharge Screening with Real Estate Data
Published by: Emmanuella Modilim
Published on:

How Enhanced Data Makes Prospecting Easier

Published by: Emmanuella Modilim
Published on:
Altrata delves into using enriched data to improve lead generation and qualification to target prospects more effectively.

In early 2024, Altrata made a significant investment in the data powering WealthEngine. These enhancements give you new insights during the prospecting process. In this article we’ll discuss how these insights can translate into better leads, new prospects, and bigger donations.

Turning Enhanced Data Into Better Leads

With data sourced from CoreLogic and Neustar, WealthEngine offers a comprehensive view of individuals in some unique ways. This 360-degree wealth scoring allows for precise targeting and decision-making, enhancing your overall strategy.

As a recap, CoreLogic provides crucial real estate data like sale amount and market value, while Neustar offers recent and, importantly, validated contact information. These enhancements enable more accurate wealth scoring and a better return during prospect targeting and outreach.

These insights play into four primary tools that you can use:

  • Person Search
  • WE Analyze
  • Prospecting
  • Screening

Person Search

Person Search is WealthEngine’s most utilized feature, offering two main search options: Quick Search and Advanced Search. Quick Search requires only a last name but can yield multiple results, which is great for when you have minimal data on an individual.

Advanced Search requires full name and address and gives a single, precise result, with exclusively email search coming soon. Both searches offer extensive profile information, including wealth scores, contact details, and real estate data that can be used to quickly look up important information.

WE Analyze

WealthEngine’s Analyze Dashboard is like having a bird’s-eye view of your screened clients, but with a magnifying glass. It gives you a detailed look at their demographics, interests, and wealth, which is great for tailoring approaches right before outreach.

Imagine knowing not just where your clients are, but where they aren’t. And it’s not just about numbers. These tools allow you to peek into the lives of your clients, getting information like age and even marital status, all of which can help you understand them on a personal level.

Additionally, the dashboard provides detailed information on clients’ wealth, such as total assets and investable assets, helping you identify potential high-value clients. The tool also offers insights into clients’ interests, allowing for personalized marketing strategies and some really creative approaches.

Analyze also provides some data regarding a prospect’s overall giving capacity, including a giving versus capacity report. This report compares clients’ giving history to their potential capacity to give, helping organizations identify under performing donors and opportunities for cultivation.

WealthEngine Analyze is suited for tailoring marketing approaches and more in-depth, individualized research.


The Prospecting tool is great for creating ultra-segmented lists of potential clients or donors, primarily through the creation of an “ideal profile” that is then matched across the database. With the new enhanced data from CoreLogic and Neustar, we can be even more precise and targeted in searches.

For example, users can specify regions, age ranges, and minimum net worth, really narrowing down the search for people who are actually a match for products, offerings, or anything else. This level of granularity can significantly improve the efficiency of prospecting efforts, which basically means you get better leads, higher conversion rates, and stronger relationships with potential donors.

Additionally, the Suppression tool can stop users from wasting credits on duplicate purchases by “suppressing” people who have already been contacted or included in other lists. This is a time and resource saver across the board.


Of all the WealthEngine tools impacted by the enhanced data sources, Screening was the most impacted. Since the Screening tool pulls heavily from asset and contact information, it is now better than ever.

Screening provides large amounts of information that allow users to dig into the data, sort, and filter based on ratings and scores, and enrich their data with additional insights. The platform offers filtering capabilities for wealth scores, ratings, donation history, and more, powering insights like segmentation and prioritizing individuals based on their value to their organization.

Since the enhanced data provides the Screening tool with more categories, labels, and asset information, Screening has been essentially supercharged. Better segmentation ultimately gives users easier prioritization.

From Data to Results: Real-Life Applications

The WealthEngine platform offers a suite of tools that work seamlessly together to turn data into actionable results. The recent enhancements have made the platform more powerful than ever. By starting with clear goals and a strategic approach, users can leverage screening, prospecting, and analytics to:

  • Quickly find individuals for easy follow-up with Quick Search.
  • Prepare and analyze key donor data through Screening.
  • Expand reach and segment groups with Prospecting.
  • Analyze and model screened lists for unparalleled insight.

From handshake to close, WealthEngine is always making it easier than ever to research, find, and connect with your ideal donors and clients.

Emmanuella Modilim is VP, Global Head of Client Success at Altrata. She is responsible for spearheading the company’s client success vision and is responsible for developing and implementing customer success frameworks and methodologies that align seamlessly with the business objectives. With a passion for enhancing customer engagement and fostering loyalty, Emmanuella drives strategic initiatives that empower Altrata’s clients to achieve exceptional results. Leading a team of dedicated client success managers, she collaborates closely with clients to provide ongoing strategic support, training, and guidance, ensuring their long-term success. Her extensive experience encompasses diverse industries, including Financial Services, Professional Services, Luxury and Private Aviation, Non-Profits, and Higher Education. Emmanuella has over ten years of experience in Customer Success, Account Management, Project Management and Relationship Management. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in international business, and has also pursued executive education programs focused on customer success and leadership.