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How Enhanced Data Makes Prospecting Easier
Unlocking Business Growth: Radar’s Easy Implementation and Data Security 
Published by: Emmanuella Modilim
Published on:

How to Supercharge Screening with Real Estate Data

Published by: Emmanuella Modilim
Published on:
Altrata explores WealthEngine’s new data and how to use it.

Your decision-making is only as good as your data. With that in mind, people data platforms need to constantly bring in the freshest, most relevant information for it to be useful. Falling behind one step means, at best, wasted time and, at worst, missed opportunities.

WealthEngine is constantly making strides to apply enhancements to our data systems. In turn, prospectors can be confident that our screening process isn’t just important, but essential, to closing deals and finding key info on prospects.

How We’re Making WealthEngine Better Than Ever

WealthEngine has integrated two new data sources into its data arsenal to power your future screenings: CoreLogic and Neustar, a TransUnion company.

CoreLogic provides crucial real estate data like sale amount and market value, while Neustar offers recent and, importantly, validated contact information. These enhancements enable more accurate wealth scoring and a better return during prospect targeting and outreach.

Here’s how they work, plus how they help you find prospects and raise money faster and better than ever.

Opening Doors With Real Estate Data

Real estate data from CoreLogic is a new key tool for understanding individual wealth. Details like sale amounts, current and market values, and property ownership can help give a 360-degree picture of someone’s wealth, not just a number like “net worth.” This information is invaluable for “wealth scoring,” helping prioritize and target prospects effectively.

At the core of WealthEngine is wealth scoring, which uses all available data to calculate scores, ultimately helping you prioritize your prospects. This occurs across a number of KPIs, including income, interests, asset ownership, and more.

Now, with CoreLogic, metrics like asset ownership are more powerful than ever. Our data covers things like:

  • Revolving loans
  • Auto loans
  • Mortgage totals
  • Assessed value
  • Regional affluence

Along with quite a few others. Together, the wealth picture presented by CoreLogic is extremely accurate and very useful.

More Connectivity with Refreshed Contact Info

One of the biggest hurdles of other data platforms is reliably reaching out to a prospect once it has been identified.

To overcome this, WealthEngine ran tests with six separate vendors, running over 100,000 records with limited information through their systems. Of the six, Neustar had the highest match rate, plus the highest accuracy and quality, even with minimal data.

Why does it matter? Because having the most updated contact info is what keeps you from wasting months waiting to hear back from an email that is no longer in service.

Screening Powered by Simplicity

WealthEngine’s new data enhancements are about more than the data itself; they’re also about making it easy to use. We’ve streamlined the input process, so all you need to do is upload a document with first names, last names, and addresses.

This makes the screening process extremely fast and intuitive. Simply pull a list of prospects, provided and prioritized by WelathEngine, and get comprehensive information on their wealth, interests, and even how to contact them.

Data as a Revolving Door

Timeliness is key, and stale, stagnant data streams waste time and can even cost conversions.

Our real estate data from CoreLogic and contact data from Neustar are continuously updated and verified. This ensures that our clients have access to the most relevant and accurate information available.

By using these continuously updated streams of data, WealthEngine ensures that our clients have the tools they need to make smart decisions with good data during the prospecting and fundraising process.

Using Your Enhanced Data

WealthEngine’s new data enhancements are a game-changer for your screening process. Thanks to our integration of CoreLogic and Neustar data, WealthEngine offers a more powerful screening experience than other platforms.

In practice, this translates to identifying high-potential prospects with greater precision, tailoring your outreach efforts more effectively, and ultimately, achieving greater success in your fundraising and marketing efforts.

Check out Part 2 for insights on how to leverage these new screening tools, plus the insights they provide.

Emmanuella Modilim is VP, Global Head of Client Success at Altrata. She is responsible for spearheading the company’s client success vision and is responsible for developing and implementing customer success frameworks and methodologies that align seamlessly with the business objectives. With a passion for enhancing customer engagement and fostering loyalty, Emmanuella drives strategic initiatives that empower Altrata’s clients to achieve exceptional results. Leading a team of dedicated client success managers, she collaborates closely with clients to provide ongoing strategic support, training, and guidance, ensuring their long-term success. Her extensive experience encompasses diverse industries, including Financial Services, Professional Services, Luxury and Private Aviation, Non-Profits, and Higher Education. Emmanuella has over ten years of experience in Customer Success, Account Management, Project Management and Relationship Management. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in international business, and has also pursued executive education programs focused on customer success and leadership.