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Published by: Altrata Client Success
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Amplify the power of internal teams

Published by: Altrata Client Success
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Private Casino focused on in-depth insights and efficient decision making 

The compliance team at this Casino was interested in a platform that offers detailed dossiers and due diligence reports on the wealthy. The Casino heavily relied on its compliance team for efficient decision making.

A lot of the existing service providers had issues with their methodology and were not enough to support the compliance team’s needs to provide in-depth insights.

After some research, the team quickly realized that Altrata could be the answer to its problems and decided to reach out to its contact at Altrata.

Altrata’s Wealth-X Reports, Dossiers, Due Diligence (Name Check, Standard, Enhanced), and Family Associations played an important role in gathering key insights that the team was looking for.

Altrata’s product break down allowed the team to choose the products that were cost effective and could be used to target various issues.

We already knew what we were looking for and the level of work that Altrata offers. We knew it would be high quality and we can rely on all the information provided by Altrata. The team has been outstanding every hour of the day.

Private Casino

The compliance team at this Casino found Altrata’s services very high quality, compared to its other providers, as Altrata enabled the team to make quick decisions across the entire company. Altrata’s ability to translate into over 35 languages significantly sped up the process.

According to the team, Altrata’s Reports were focused and provided details on the history of business, positions held, along with short descriptions. Having all this information in one place saved the team extra research.

Altrata’s political screening and background checks helped the team understand political exposure of specific individuals. Break down of different types of reports further enabled the team to spend appropriately on reports to meet its needs.

  • Client: Private Casino
  • Region: Europe
  • Altrata product: Wealth-X