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An Introduction to Capital Campaigns
Screen donor data to find wealthy alumni far from home
Published by: Altrata Client Success
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Focus your fundraising

Published by: Altrata Client Success
Published on:

German Charity focused on eliminating hunger using Altrata’s donor data 

The organization’s goal was to identify donors in their database with high giving potential to ensure that’s where its fundraising efforts are focused.

Besides past donations, they didn’t have any other indicators to determine the giving potential and realized that a lot of potential remained untapped.

While looking for solutions to help its fundraising objectives, the organization quickly realized that Altrata would be the ideal solution: The team felt more confident because Altrata was recommended by another well-known NGO that found working with Altrata very professional from start to finish – and were able to become more targeted in their approach, thanks to Altrata’s research.

Altrata’s Screening and Donor data played a key role in identifying donors with high potential to maximize the potential of their donor base and refrain from relying on past donations.

The whole process with Altrata was very professional. We appreciate the great support during the project. We’d highly recommend working with Altrata to explore the potential of your existing donor base. Our contact person provided great guidance throughout the whole process and beyond, assisting further strategy recommendations and providing a clear and concise overview of all the data we received.

Charity, Germany

The results exceeded the organization’s expectations, and it is looking forward to building relationships with its donors with high giving potential.

Altrata’s Screening showed the undiscovered potential of more than hundreds of profiles in the organization’s database. This enabled them to focus on providing more personalized solutions moving forward.

The organization believes that all of its teams in direct contact with private donors will continue to profit from the results Altrata offered and will build stronger relationships with its screened donor base.

  • Client: Charity
  • Region: Europe (Germany)
  • Altrata products: Wealth-X