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Published by: Altrata Client Success
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Published by: Altrata Client Success
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Global insurance company leverages Wealth-X data to successfully uncover new leads

In the global insurance business, understanding a potential client’s net-worth is an important step but not an easy or inexpensive task. National Financial Partners (NFP) initially engaged Wealth-X to conduct due diligence on in-coming potential clients to understand the scope of their finances in relation to their face amount.

After working with Wealth-X on the individual research process, NFP quickly realized the impact wealth intelligence can have on lead generation.

NFP leverages Wealth-X data to uncover and understand the profiles of the world’s wealthiest individuals, from their personal background, sources of wealth, and personal networks, to their interests, passions, and hobbies.

Our detailed Wealth Analysis proprietary financial model evaluates both public and private assets to accurately determine an individual’s net worth and liquid assets. This in-depth analysis of an individual’s wealth is the key to identifying, understanding and effectively engaging prospective clients.

NFP wanted line-of-sight into where, when, and how to effectively engage the right prospects. When it comes to new lead generation, the team at NFP works closely with Wealth-X to generate custom Data Exports based on specific archetypes. NFP also uses Known Associates to uncover the relationship ecosystem of their current clients and for prospecting too, especially after we’ve provided them with lists though data exports.

Wealth-X has publicly available data to uncover the information you’re lacking on key individuals around the world.

Cindy Davis, NFP

Wealth-X helped NFP successfully minimize the hassle of engaging external resources to conduct primary research on key individuals. Saving them both time, and money.

Wealth-X data has also made a significant impact on new lead generation for NFP. The team relies on Wealth-X Data Exports to deliver reports producing a curated list of potential target clients based specific criteria (people they know, geographic location, net worth etc.).

From the curated prospect list, the team can identify Known Associates to reveal the relationship networks of the people they know. With a new list of target prospects, the team focuses on an individual’s Interests, Passions and Hobbies to give NFP producers the edge they need to strategically network and generate a path to a warm connection.

  • Client: National Financial Partners (NFP)
  • Region: Global
  • Altrata product: Wealth-X