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Account-Based Marketing: Trends and Executive Intelligence 
The New Rules of Due Diligence in Donor Prospect Research
Published by: Boardroom Insiders
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Level Up ABM with C-suite Engagement

Published by: Boardroom Insiders
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For companies looking to engage the c-suite, selling and marketing products requiring large budgets, complicated integrations and transformative solutions, ABM strategies are critical for success.

Account-based marketing (ABM) has staying power. It helps teams hone in on their goals. And the most strategic approaches convince busy decision makers to open up and share their schedules. Risk is reduced, relationships are formed, and deals make their way to the table.

In our newest guide, “How C-Suite Engagement Makes ABM More Successful”, we dive deeper into the different ABM strategies and how executive insight can help teams make a bigger impact.

The guide includes practical insight for teams just starting out or well-seasoned professionals interested in new ways to engage key accounts.  Inside you will find –

  • Characteristics of the three modes of ABM marketing
  • Why Large-Account ABM needs executive engagement
  • Four factors for success
  • B2B buying behavior
  • …and more

Our team has more than 18 years combined experience helping client’s level up their ABM efforts. An example of a recent win they helped a client achieve is hyper-personalized virtual events.

In May 2020, a client piloted the new executive engagement platform, BI Pro. They needed to keep their audience engaged, shifting from in person to virtual events. They uploaded their event attendee list into our platform. What did they discover? Most of the attending executives were interested in cooking. They brought in a celebrity chef and hosted a cooking class. And all attendees received care packages with the ingredients before the event.

For more examples of how Altrata’s clients are using ABM marketing to achieve wins, read our full article here.