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Ultra Wealthy Alumni Engagement Strategies in Higher Education
New Insights Into Ultra Wealthy Prospecting Strategies
Published by: Manuel Bianchi
Published on:

Effectively Prospecting the Ultra Wealthy

Published by: Manuel Bianchi
Published on:
Build a successful roadmap for UHNW prospecting and develop a concrete action plan to turn formerly unreachable targets into long-term clients or donors.

Winning new ultra high net worth (UHNW) clients or donors, those with a net worth of $30m or more, requires a great deal of trust. Behind every major sale or gift lies a significant amount of time and work invested in creating that relationship.

UHNW prospects present a unique set of challenges and typically have greater demands on their time. Consequently, they have more demanding and distinctive standards. Because of their unique preferences, effectively engaging UHNW individuals requires an elevated approach.

Effectively Prospecting the Ultra Wealthy offers a blueprint for success based on Altrata’s years of experience working with clients who seek to effectively engage the world’s wealthiest individuals.

As the leader in UHNW prospecting, Altrata has developed best practices and strategies for prospect engagement that have opened doors and built lasting connections for hundreds of our clients.

Our prospecting approach is built on three key principles: Discover, Research, and Engage. This guide will help you build a successful roadmap for UHNW prospecting, providing you with a concrete action plan to turn formerly unreachable targets into long-term clients or donors.

Standard prospecting approaches are far less likely to succeed with UHNW individuals. The right approach requires finding the best engagement points — those that are based on a deep knowledge of each UHNW prospect. Connecting to the genuine passions and interests of an UHNW prospect allows you to capture mindshare, winning a place in their attention and establishing an initial level of trust.

The ultra wealthy account for just 1.2% of the global HNW population, yet hold over 31% of this group’s total wealth. It’s important to remember that this segment can have a big impact on your organization. UHNW prospecting is a marathon, not a sprint — but a highly rewarding exercise when you cross the finish line.

Start building your roadmap to successful UHNW prospecting today

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Manuel Bianchi is Senior Vice President & Global Head of Sales for Altrata, leading a global team for all Sales & Account Management activities within sectors such as financial & professional services, luxury, executive search, legal, non-profit, and education.

Manuel established and grew the EMEA & APAC client base at Wealth-X, now an Altrata company, since its foundation in 2010 and went on to lead the company’s Global Commercial Team. Prior to joining Wealth-X, he completed a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management in Central Switzerland and supported the CRM and Sales activities at World-Check, the leading KYC & Compliance solution. Born in Lugano, Switzerland, he is a Sergeant First Class at the Swiss Armed Forces and a proud father of two boys.