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Altrata announces newly updated wealth model and expanded database on the global wealthy

Published by: PR Newswire
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December 14, 2022 – New York — Today Altrata announces updates to its Wealth and Investable Assets Model, accessible via Wealth-X.  The model is comprehensively updated every five years, incorporating macroeconomic and country indicators and leveraging intelligence from Wealth-X’s fast-growing database of profiles on the world’s wealthiest individuals.   This model provides a view of the global wealthy from the lower tiers of wealth ($1m in total net worth) up to the world’s billionaire population. 

The Wealth and Investable Assets Model accurately gauges the number of people with personal wealth of $1m+ and their combined wealth. It covers the top 70 economies and 200 cities around the world.

Improved accuracy based on significant database growth

“Our Wealth and Investable Assets Model is different than other models in the market” says Maeen Shaban, Director of Research and Analytics at Altrata.  “This is a one-of-a-kind model in the wealth intelligence market, as we are able to construct real wealth distribution patterns instead of relying on income distribution as a proxy like many other models.” By leveraging Wealth-X’s database of 3.2 million wealthy individuals, which has grown significantly over the past five years, the model is uniquely reliable.

The Wealth and Investable Assets Model is an econometric model. It first estimates the total wealth held by private residents in each country by using macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, stock market caps, tax regimes, savings, non-financial wealth and forex rates against the US dollar.  In a second step, it estimates the wealth distribution across each country’s population by using Wealth-X’s database, revealing the number of individuals with a minimum wealth threshold and their estimated total private wealth.

How the model impacts Altrata’s customers

According to the model, there are 34 million individuals with personal wealth of at least $1m, representing just 0.6% of the global adult population. However, their combined wealth accounts for almost a third (31.5%) of all global private wealth (in 2022).

For organizations that engage with the world’s wealthy population, Altrata’s newly updated Wealth and Investible Assets Model is a critical component for market sizing and strategy.  Clients leverage our database and custom analytics projects to validate or pivot their strategies, prioritize and understand key markets, and anticipate change within those markets.

See Altrata’s new Wealth and Investable Assets Model in action in the World Ultra Wealth Report 2022 here

This was first published through PR Newswire on December 14, 2022. Read the original release here.