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Altrata Reveals Evolving Residential Footprint of the Ultra Wealthy

Published by: PR Newswire
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New York, NY – March 7, 2023 – Altrata, the leading provider of intelligence on the wealthy and influential, today released Residential Real Estate 2023: Spotlight on the World’s Leading Markets for the WealthyThis is second edition of this report, powered by Wealth-X data and sponsored by REALM, focusing on the residential footprint of ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals – those with a net worth of at least $30 million.

The report takes a holistic view of an UHNW individual’s (often) multiple homes, not just their primary address. This footprint is significant because, even if only for days or weeks in a given year, any type of residential presence represents an opportunity for organizations that seek to connect and engage with the world’s wealthy.

Among the numerous findings Residential Real Estate 2023: Spotlight on the World’s Leading Markets for the Wealthy reveals:

  • New York, Miami and London were the top cities for the wealthy to purchase a second home.
  • The US dominates the list of the world’s top 20 cities by UHNW residential footprint including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston.
  • Aspen has by far the highest level of UHNW density in the US with one UHNW homeowner for every 67 residents. 
  • In Europe, London leads by total residential footprint with the number two spot and Paris comes in at 13th position. 
  • Asia has three cities in the global top 10, including Hong Kong, Beijing, and Singapore.
  • Monaco has the world’s highest density of ultra wealthy homeowners, with one UHNW homeowner for every 39 residents

Relationships continue to be an important element to selling luxury goods, including real estate, but understanding the trends and leveraging data is critical for companies trying to make the most of their connections to the wealthy. 

“As we emerge from years riddled with uncertainty around a historic pandemic, social unrest, political discourse, and natural disasters, regardless of your age or demographic, luxury has made a monumental shift in the minds of the global population,” said Julie Faupel, Founder and CEO of REALM. “We are excited to partner with Altrata for a second time to examine how this shift is influencing how and where the world’s wealthiest individuals choose to reside.”

Access the complete findings today and download Residential Real Estate 2023: Spotlight on the World’s Leading Markets for the Wealthy.

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Altrata is a global leader in people intelligence. It includes more than 100 million profiles on wealthy individuals around the world and more than 12 million profiles on senior decision makers, board members and C-suite leaders. Altrata provides intelligence on the people who are most impactful to their clients’ success. Altrata’s advanced integration solutions allow deeper insights and access to billions of connections helping clients close more deals, manage risk, and identify key talent quickly. Actionable, accurate, and comprehensive data powered by a global team of more than 400 researchers and data specialists, maintaining millions of profiles, enables clients to effectively engage and make meaningful, lasting connections. 

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