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Altrata Enhances Wealth Intelligence Dataset with Over 2 million Profile Updates

Published by: PR Newswire
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New York, NY – September 28th, 2022 – Altrata, the global leader in people intelligence on the world’s most influential individuals, announced several significant expansions to its wealth database.  More than 2 million profiles were added or enhanced with new investments, connections, career history, donations, and private foundation details.

Altrata’s commitment to growth and innovation continues, following the appointment of Keya Hammond as Chief Innovation Officer. Critical data integrations are underway and expansion efforts like this are designed to deliver more client value.

Led by Wealth-X’s Data Strategy team, this expansion focused on individuals who are very high net worth (VHNW, $5 – $30 million) and ultra high net worth (UHNW, $30 million+).  All updates can be found in the Wealth-X database.

Expansion efforts include:

US and Canadian Private Foundation Board Members and Donations

More than 2,200 profiles were added or enhanced with details on club and board positions, private foundation association, contact details, known associates and family connections.  Total assets, total giving and income were also added to these profiles.

Public Company Insider Shareholders Expansion

Insider shareholders are directors or major shareholders of public companies who are required to disclose the number of shares they own in those companies and any transactions in those companies’ stock to regulators.

More than 5,000 new profiles were added on public company insider shareholders who have declared a new shareholding since the last update.  These profiles were enriched with career history, board positions, business contact info, shareholdings as assets, and fellow board members as known associates.

Private Aircraft Ownership

More than 2,600 new profiles were added on private aircraft owners and controllers.  Existing profiles were also updated to reflect private aircraft depreciation as well as their career history, business contact information, known associates, interests, passions and hobbies.

Private Equity, Hedge Fund and Venture Capital Partners

Nearly 400 VHNW and UHNW PE, Hedge Fund and VC partners were added to Wealth-X.  More than 1,200 fund ownership stakes worth $12.6 billion were added to the Wealth Analyses of new and existing profiles.  Profiles were also updated with business contact address and phone number, career history, clubs & boards, business bio, fund ownership stake values and wealth analysis.

Philanthropic Donations

More than 184,000 profiles were updated with 687K verified philanthropic gifts worth between $48 billion and $66 billion. There was a 48% increase in philanthropic entries since the last update and the Wealth-X database has expanded to 2.12 million donation records.

US Political Donations

More than 118,000 profiles were updated with 1.1 million political donations made since the second half of 2021. The total value added is close to $2 billion in total donations for U.S. federal political candidates and committees.

Professional Network Insight Powered by BoardEx  

More than 102,000 profiles in Wealth-X have been enhanced with BoardEx Data.  BoardEx, another Altrata company, includes profiles and professional network connections for more than 1.6 million people across the globe.  Wealth-X profiles were enhanced with career history, club and board positions.  More than 125,000 profiles were updated to reflect recent role changes. 

Additional updates were made to the Wealth-X database including:

  • Cryptocurrency and NFT interests and holdings
  • Updates to the profiles of spouses of billionaires including education, history and giving pledges
  • Profiles added in new regions based on client requests, including more than 250 individuals in Puerto Rico
  • Professional athlete profiles updated with career history, salaries and bonuses, hometown, alternative name, education history, social media (Twitter and Instagram), agents, interests, passions and hobbies

Learn more about Altrata’s wealth intelligence powered by Wealth-X here

This press release was originally distributed by PR Newswire on September 28th, 2022. Read it here.