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Altrata Report Finds Booz Allen’s and Bain’s Alumni are the Most Well-Connected

Published by: PR Web
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Today Altrata, the leader in data and intelligence on the wealthy and influential released a new report: Consulting Alumni Rankings 2023.  The report examines the boards and leadership teams of the Fortune 1000, FTSE 350 and Global 500 companies.  Consulting firms are then ranked based on the number of alumni they have that currently have a board seat or are members of a leadership team.  

Given the valuable skills one can acquire, the alumni of consultancies account for a significant proportion of senior corporate positions around the world. Those who make it to the top of large, public companies can directly benefit their former employers, particularly in facilitating future business development, given their decision-making responsibilities and their connections to so many other corporate leaders.

McKinsey & Co, PwC and IBM lead the Global 500 rankings with the most alumni sitting on the board or leadership team. McKinsey accounts for 247 influential alumni, equating to almost 3% of Global 500 board and leadership team executives.

Consulting alumni in the Global 500 - a list with the top 5 being McKinsey & Co, PWC, IBM, KPMG, and Deloitte

Among the numerous findings, Consulting Alumni Rankings 2023 reveals:

  • Among Global 500 boards and leadership teams, gender diversity is greater among consulting alumni than among executives from other professional backgrounds.
  • Of the Fortune 1000 companies, McKinsey has produced the most (current) CEOs and EY the most CFOs
  • IBM, Microsoft and Accenture account for the highest number of alumni who are Fortune 1000 CTOs
  • PwC, Accenture and IBM have produced the highest number of Fortune 1000 CIOs
  • PwC, KPMG and Deloitte lead the consulting alumni rankings with the most alumni on boards or leadership teams of FTSE 350 companies.
  • Of the FTSE 350 companies, IBM produces the most CTOs and PwC produces the most CIOs

The report finds that alumni of consulting firms account for 25% of FTSE 350 board member and senior management teams and 21% among Fortune 1000 board and senior management teams. 

A deeper look into the influence of the individuals that were part of this analysis reveals that the average high-performing[1] consulting alum has 74.5 direct connections to other highly senior decision-makers.  Some firms’ alumni are more well-connected than others.  At the top, Booz Allen Hamilton’s and Bain’s influential alumni each have more than 100 such direct connections on average. 

Through a strong alumni network, a company can drive business by leveraging its corporate ambassadors in their new places of work. Such contacts can be crucial, as firms that rely on referrals and warm introductions to engage with senior decision-makers can gain a significant competitive advantage.  Consulting Alumni Rankings 2023 offers unique insight on influential consulting alumni, making it an essential read for organizations looking to make the most of their alumni networks.

Read the full report here.

About Altrata

Altrata is a global leader in people intelligence. It includes more than 100 million profiles on wealthy individuals around the world and more than 12 million profiles on senior decision makers, board members and C-suite leaders. Altrata provides intelligence on the people who are most impactful to their clients’ success. Altrata’s advanced integration solutions allow deeper insights and access to billions of connections helping clients close more deals, manage risk, and identify key talent quickly. Actionable, accurate, and comprehensive data powered by a global team of more than 400 researchers and data specialists, maintaining millions of profiles, enables clients to effectively engage and make meaningful, lasting connections. 

Altrata is a registered trademark of Delinian Limited and its affiliated companies, and is comprised of five dynamic offerings: BoardExBoardroom InsidersRelSciWealthEngine, and Wealth-X.

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[1] Former consultants who now sit on the boards or comprise the leadership teams of major public companies; and in this case, Fortune 1000 companies.

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