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New Altrata Report Reveals Accelerating Gender Diversity on Boards and in the C-suite
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Altrata report reveals the top priorities for Chief Information Security Officers

Published by: PR Web
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Today Altrata, the leading provider of executive intelligence, releases the 2023 Spotlight: CISOs in the US, a new report exploring the evolving responsibilities and pivotal challenges faced by CISOs across the business landscape. 

In an era of unprecedented technological advancement and escalating cyber threats, the role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has emerged as a linchpin in organizational security and innovation. This new report dives into the backgrounds of today’s CISOs revealing the key differences individuals in this role have to others in the C-suite.

Among the numerous findings the 2023 Spotlight: CISOs in the US reveals:

  • Fortune 500 CISOs often have professional backgrounds in the government and military; withthe US Army, Navy and Air Force among the top former employers
  • Some of the top academic institutions for today’s CISOs are Arizona State University, University of Maryland and West Point
  • When it comes to senior-level experience, half of all current CISOs have held a senior role in technology at some stage in their careers
  • Travel, sports, mentoring, and volunteering are among CISOs’ most popular interests
  • Only 16% of CISO positions are occupied by women and the average age is 52 years old, which tends to be slightly younger than top-ranking C-suite executives

In terms of their strategic priorities at the midpoint of 2023, more than half of CISOs were centering their focus on innovation, while approximately one-third were prioritizing enhancing the customer experience, driving enterprise growth, and scaling technology infrastructure. “These priorities mirror the range of pressures and demands on the modern CISO and give a clear insight into how individuals are approaching the job” said Maya Imberg, lead author of the report and Head of Thought Leadership for Altrata.

“The CISO is under competing pressure to support innovation and corporate progress while protecting their organization from constantly evolving cyber threats” Imberg states.  “This report provides incredible insight for organizations that need to sell to or engage these tech leaders.”

The Altrata report encapsulates invaluable insights garnered directly from CISOs as they confront these multifaceted challenges head-on. Leveraging Boardroom Insiders’ distinctive, in-depth profiles of executive leaders, the study delves into the experiences and backgrounds of more than 440 individuals occupying CISO or equivalent positions within Fortune 500 corporations. This comprehensive analysis affords a holistic view of the professionals shaping this pivotal role.

Access the complete findings here.

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This was first published on PR Web on August 23, 2023.