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Published by: Hunt Scanlon
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How Relationship Intelligence Can Boost Business Development

Published by: Hunt Scanlon
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Here’s a way to take your existing customer relationship management (CRM) data to the next level: Incorporate relationship intelligence within your organization’s existing CRM and reveal the people who will have the biggest impact on your business goals, says global data company BoardEx in a new report. When that intelligence can be found with a company’s CRM, the time it takes to close a deal shortens.

“Success comes from the strength of relationships, connecting you to an ecosystem greater than your current networks,” said BoardEx. “Employees can create a network effect to unlock further value from their organizations. The collective power of a companies business relationships promotes greater internal collaboration among teams and extends the network’s reach into the marketplace.”

We may operate in a digitally driven marketplace, but people, relationships, and networks still power business. “Identifying key decision makers for your products and services can be a long and costly process when relying solely on a CRM system,” said BoardEx. “Relationship intelligence based on accurate, relevant, and timely data can help organizations make decisions that will drive exceptional results. The strength of relationships can help decide the quality of those results, however the stronger the relationships between two people, the greater potential for success.”

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