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The 2023 Spotlight: The Wealthy in San Francisco
Published by: Maya Imberg
Published on:

World Ultra Wealth Report 2023

Published by: Maya Imberg
Published on:
The World Ultra Wealth Report leverages Wealth-X data and reveals more than a 5% decline in ultra wealthy population in 2022.

The latest edition of the World Ultra Wealth Report 2023, powered by Wealth-X data, sheds light on the state of the global ultra high net worth (UHNW) population, those with a net worth of $30 million or more.

This report evaluates the changes and impacts felt by the global UHNW class in 2022. It was a year of wealth markets responding to a weakening global pandemic, a new war in Europe, a generational spike in inflation and the most aggressive monetary tightening cycle in decades. The World Ultra Wealth Report 2023 explores the main drivers and regional trends of global wealth. It also highlights key developments in our rankings of the leading UHNW countries and cities.

The report examines key personas of the global ultra wealthy population through an analysis of three specific ultra wealthy archetypes: entrepreneurs, executives and inheritors. Together, these mutually exclusive groups make up more than three-quarters of the ultra wealthy population. The World Ultra Wealth Report 2023 highlights the groups’ different characteristics, demographics, luxury asset ownership trends, wealth holdings and personal interests. It provides valuable insights for companies and organizations that engage with and target the ultra rich.

Using insights from RelSci, the report concludes by detailing the surprisingly high number of professional connections that university deans and vice-deans have to the ultra wealthy, showcasing the power of leveraging one’s direct and second-degree connections.

Wealth-X’s comprehensive database and detailed Wealth and Investable Assets Model provide unrivaled insight into the world’s UHNW population, its characteristics and the constantly changing landscape of wealth creation, making it an essential read for any organization looking to prospect for and engage with individuals in this exclusive demographic.

Maya Imberg is the Head of Thought Leadership and Analytics at Altrata. She is responsible for spearheading the company’s thought leadership efforts and overseeing its analytics and predictive modeling services commissioned by clients. She joined Wealth-X in 2016 as Director of Custom Research responsible for secondary research, data analytics and branded content. Maya has over fifteen years of experience in research, spanning market research, macroeconomics and financial services. Prior to joining Wealth-X, Maya held a variety of consultant and economist roles at the Economist Intelligence Unit and spent a number of years working for Datamonitor’s Financial Services practice. Maya holds an undergraduate and MSc degree in economics and comparative politics from the University of Pennsylvania and London School of Economics respectively.